The biggest Meritorious of the Macau Holy House of Mercy share not only the richness of spirit but also a charity and solidarity culture, in order to assist the societies underprivileged, contributing in that way to the development of the mission of the Macau Holy House of Mercy in its process of affirmation as a charity institution.

In the noble spirit many have been those that, through the four centuries of existence of the Fraternity, have assisted namely through the donation of values and assets.

Brothers of Merit are individuals or legal persons who, through their actions in favour of the Fraternity, show themselves worthy of such distinction.

Still today, the recognition of the services rendered by the Mercy, drives persons and entities to contribute with their donations, indispensable to the continuation of our works.

List of some of the Meritorious of the Fraternity of Macau Holy House of Mercy:

Meritorious Date of resolution by the Table of Directors 
His Excellency the Governor of Macau, Brigadeer José Nobre de Carvalho 10 of September 1969
His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic, Admiral Americo Deus Rodrigues Thomaz 10 of September 1969
Dr. Arthur Woo 17 of November 1959
Admiral Almirante Joaquim Marques Esparteiro (former Governor of Macau's Province 29 of September de 1955
Professor Fernando de Lara Reis  11 of November 1955
Mr. Y. C. Leong 16 of December 1952
Mr. Chong Chi Kong 16 of December 1952
Mr. Ho Yin 16 of December 1952
Mr.José Maria Pereira 22 of August 1950
Madame Maria Francisca Pereira Lourenço 22 of August 1950
Commander Albano Rodrigues de Oliveira 28 of December 1948
Dr. Pedro José Lobo 4 of January 1945
Frigate-Captain Gabriel Maurício Teixeira 26 of October 1943
Mr. Fu Tak Iam 21 of December 1939
Mr. Artur Tamagnini de Souza Barbosa (Governor of the Colony of Macau) 6 of July 1938
Doctor José Caetano Soares (Clinic Director of S. Rafael's Hospital) 11 of June 1937
Mr. Li-Chai-Tong 23 of June 1931
Captain Eduardo Cirilo Lourenço 27 of February 1930
Counsellor Artur Tamagnini de Souza Barbosa 27 of February 1930
Mr. Kou Ho Neng 22 of November 1928
Doctor Rodrigo José Rodrigues 2 of June 1926
General Fernando José Rodrigues 19 of July 1921
Mr. António Simplicio Gomes 4 of September 1912
Mr, Pedro Nolasco da Silva 12 of December 1899
Mr. Eduardo Augusto Rodrigues Galhardo (Counseller Governor of Macau) 15 of July 1899